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Ferrari Vercelli
With music in mind

Italy has had music in mind for millennia. The original core that gave birth to the music, as well as the we know today, it has its foundations in churches, then in princely halls, then in theaters, then in Italian concert halls.
The "Prix de Rome", provided for a stay in Italy in the 19th century for the best students of the Paris Conservatory. Berlioz, Gounod, Bizet, Debussy have had the opportunity to experience a period of their life in Italy. Before them Mozart had the same experience, not for a prize but for decision of his father, a musician, who knew the importance that Italy had in the growth of thought musical.
Even today, the Conservatories each year graduate dozens of students with extraordinary abilities. Unfortunately, as often happens in many sectors, Italy is unable to fully exploit this heritage.
Opera Piccola Italiana was born from the idea of spreading in the musical panorama these potentialities are international.


"I don't collect objects; I collect ideas".
Giuseppe Sinopoli

Artists, their ideas, their projects

Artists do not have a curriculum, not even educational qualifications, not even "knowledge" or recommendations. Artists have IDEAS, Projects, intuitions and stories to tell

Music is a social art, which is done together.

Artists meet, get to know each other and give life to Projects, sometimes modern, sometimes classic but always UNIQUE, because any score, any staff becomes unique when the artist transforms it into Music.

Each artist brings with them artisans and technicians.

Music is a complex art, which can only come to life through the work of luthiers, builders, tuners, scenographers, technicians, people who read a score each in their own way.

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